Luvabella Doll Review, Cute Interactive Doll for Girls & Boys

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Luvabella doll review, discover the hottest toy of 2017. This adorable interactive doll looks like a real baby and its antics will keep kids entertain for hours.

Luvabella Doll Review
There has been a recent boom of demand for the latest trend in interactive toys especially those that can highly mimic human behavior and still show that they can be enjoyable to play with at the same time.

The Luvabella doll is proving to be a hit even when the high season of gift giving has not yet arrived.

With the latest innovation in doll technology, all that we could say is that the kids of this generation are a lucky bunch indeed!

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Luvabella Doll Review – What She Does?

This interactive doll boasts of life-like features, and one can easily mistake the toy as being a real baby if they wouldn’t look too closely.

Those big, expressive eyes will both amaze and cause delight to any child, and interaction would come off naturally.

  • The toy starts off with only being able to babble silly phrases just as any real baby does, but the more that it is being played at, the more that it would come to learn new words.

  • Holding the doll’s feet would induce it into saying “mama”, and with the proper attention, all the other words would come out in no time.

  • Playing does not need to be too complicated too. Responses will be given with peek-a-boo games, and children can even tickle the Luvabella toy on its stomach or feet and hearty giggles would quickly fill any room.

  • This toy will also teach the value of responsibility and compassion to any child. Accessories such as a milk bottle, a spoon, a soother and a lamby toy would remind the kids that neglect would not do well with any baby.

  • Just tilt the spoon carefully on the doll’s mouth and the meal will be gladly chewed on, and don’t forget to feed it more if it indicates that it is still hungry.

  • Burping is a must, and so is the doll’s sleep time To pacify the baby, just pop in either the soother or the baby milk bottle, and soon, the doll will be off to dreamland.

  • And to make sure that it is indeed peacefully off, just press your ears against the baby doll’s chest and its stable heartbeat would assure you of its state.

  • Aside from words, the Luvabella doll can also show its skills on animal sounds. Placing the lamby toy against the doll’s nose will have it kiss the item with matching adorable sounds, and any child can even teach their doll new animal words should they wish to do so.

Luvabella Doll
Luvabella Doll Review


Who Is The Toy Suited For?

The Luvabella doll is appropriate for any child ages 3 and above.

With varying ethnicity and eye colors, the toy is a great influence for children, not only will they be able to practice with their values, they can also learn and teach new words all at the same time.

Plus, these dolls come with the male version, so our little boys would not feel neglected in not having a doll of their own that they can play with.

The doll comes with removable clothes, so clean-up would not be too much of a hassle on the parents.


Product Details

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Luvabella Doll

It has to be noted, however, that this twelve – inch doll does not have any batteries included in the package.

It requires 4 C cell batteries which can easily be purchased at any store, but thorough care must be placed as these batteries can be a choking hazard.

The doll weighs an approximate of five pounds, and its portability would not be a problem even for the smallest of children.

Another hot toy for this year worth considering is the Barbie doll and her dream horse.

Luvabella Doll Review Summary

All in all, this is a great addition to any child’s toy collection. Reminisce the old days of playing with actual toys, and your own children would not want to touch any electronic device for hours as long as they would have this within reach. Safe and entertaining to play with, this toy would not disappoint. Check price & availability here.

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