Justice League 7 Pack Action Figure Box Set Review

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The Justice League 7 Pack Action Figure Box Set will make sweet memories for today’s kids and make them swing into action and fight evil.

Justice League 7 Pack Action Figure Box Set
For generations, DC comics have made great childhood memories with their super-hero characters that were, and still are, a force to reckon with when it comes to fighting crime and getting rid of the scums of the Earth.

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Age & Dimensions

Built just like the original comic book and cartoon characters down to their costumes, this set is suitable for kids ranging from the age of 4 years and older.
The 7 characters are approximately 7 inches in height with the package dimensions being 7x3x2 inches to give the most powerful action heroes in the world, a more life-like feel.

Justice League 7 Pack Action Figure Box Set Main Features

The 7 action heroes that are in this set do not need any introduction, but let us look at them individually;
1. Superman
This is one of the most popular action figures in the world and is built with his signature blue suit with a bold ‘S’ emblazoned on his well curved chest, and a red robe and belt. Superman’s arms and legs are built in a way that they can fold and get down into the action we all know him well for.

Standing at 7 inches, this cult super hero looks exactly like we envision him with his well sculptured muscles and handsome stern face.
2. Batman
Batman’s name brings back great memories and in this 7 pack set, he should be the most distinguishable character.
With an awesome design, the Batman action figure looks better than any other prototype that you have ever come across; from the costume to his black and yellow belt that details him in a fitting way.
3. Wonder Woman
It is never easy to sculpt a woman’s body, but DC comics have done a commendable job with wonder woman in this set.

Her costume and tiara are on point and her ready for action posture reminds you of what this super hero character does best; taking care of the bad guys.

Despite missing some of her famous accessories such as her golden lasso, the wonder woman in this set is still a sight to behold.

DC collectibles justice league 7 pack
Justice League 7 Pack Action Figure Box Set

4. The Flash
Known for his versatility and speed, the Flash icon in this 7 pack set is a solid build and comes complete with his flash lines that accentuate his bright red costume.

Built from the original DC comics design, this action set keeps him simple and very visible, and he looks ready to take off with the great speeds he has always been associated with.
5. Green Lantern
Over the past few decades, Green Lantern’s costume has had some changes which have elicited different opinions. In this set GL comes in his original costume and even looks better than other prototypes.

He is solidly curved and seems ready to save the world from the forces of darkness.
6. Aquaman
It is very difficult not to notice Aquaman in this Justice League 7 Pack Action Figure Box Set due to the great detailing that has gone into his gloves and chest.

The colors used; dark, green and yellow, create a hue that easily catches the eye, coupled with the golden belt that highlights the deep curves.
7. Cyborg
This is another super-hero character that has gone through numerous transformations with his costume and build over the years.

In this 7 pack set though, DC comics have done a commendable job to keep Cyborg original and simple, yet sleek, rounded and sophisticated at the same time.

Cyborg’s silver suit with red highlights gives this figure a hulking look that suits this great super-hero.

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Bottom Line

A lot of thought and articulation has gone into the design and build of this Action Figure Box Set. When all the 7 figures are put together,
they just look right for each other and it is extremely difficult to separate any one of them.

The figures are built for posing purposes, and are built with double-jointed knees and elbows as well as hinged wrists and disjointed ankles.

This is to enable the kids to change their poses every once in a while, which makes playing with this set even more worthwhile for the bundles of joy.

Some online stores are also selling this pack and giving a certain percentage to charity to fight hunger in the horn of Africa, making it even more
worthwhile to buy this great set. Click here to check more reviews about the Action Figure Box Set.

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