Ancheer Inflatable Bumper Ball Review for Adults & Kids

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Here is a totally awesome inflatable bumper ball that will give you and your family hours of fun. You will get some serious exercise performing wild moves and you will not get hurt at all if you follow safety procedures.

Inflatable Bumper Ball
These blow-up balls are transparent spherical capsules into which you climb and you can then run, roll jump or crash into things, while all the time being fully protected by the rugged air cushion (bubble) around you.

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The toy is great fun on its own but it can be part of a hilarious game where people can run around knocking into each other and knocking other players down.

This can be an interesting variation of football with a team all wearing blow up balls. You could invent any other crazy game which is likely to be a blast.

These giant bumper balls are recommended for anyone over the age of about six to age sixty and beyond.

While the game is great to play, watching other people falling over and bumping into each other can be a scream.

How the Inflatable Bumper Ball Works?

The shape of the toy is somewhat like an apple with the core removed. When the ball is blown up you climb inside and adjust the shoulder straps to fasten.

It has a blow-up attachment with which you can inflate it using a vacuum cleaner with a reverse suction hose.

Blowing it up this way to its maximum takes about three minutes.

The bubble bumper ball is large, so you are likely to quickly run out of puff if you try to blow it up yourself.

The body zorb ball has handles in the front, grab these look ahead, put your best foot forward and go!

What You Need to Know

The material is a robust transparent PVC plastic, which is thick enough to stand up to some abuse. The material is transparent because the ball will envelop most average people and they need to see what they are bumping into.

Inflatable Body Bumper Ball

There are two sizes available (small) 1.2-meter diameter balls have an inside diameter of 16.5 inches with a suitable recommended height of 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters.

The weight recommendation between 66 pounds and 110 pounds.

The (large) size being 1.5 meters in diameter with the inside diameter being 25.6 inches. This one is suitable for people between the heights of 1.5 meters and 1.9 meters. It has a weight recommendation of 110 pounds to 200 pounds. It fits people of average height and weight.

The inside diameter is 16.5 inches so larger people may find it a bit of a tight fit.

Ancheer’s inflatable body bumper balls are made with superior material which has been used to extends its life. It needs to be robust in order to be strong enough to withstand some really rough play, it is therefore quite heavy. Cheaper versions have been reported to puncture and tear too easily.

These balls are also quite large and are not recommended for indoor play, however playing outdoors where there is some space, can be super fun.

TIP – If you the shoulder straps can’t seem to stay in place try to cross them across your chest.
Ancheer’s Inflatable Body Bumper Ball Video Review


Ancheer’s Inflatable Bumper Ball Questions & Answers


Human Bumper Balls

Question: Can small children use the inflatable bumper ball?
Answer: The ball is quite heavy and it takes a bit of strength to move in it. The toy is recommended for adults and children over the age of six.
Does the ball come with a pump included?
Answer: No it does not, you can use a reverse suction vacuum cleaner which blows it up within three minutes.
Question: What shall I do if I do get a puncture in the ball?
Answer: The Ancheer blow-up ball comes with two ready cut patches.
Question: How long is the material going to last before it pops?
Answer: The 0.8mm material is quite thick and it will take a very sharp long spike to damage it. The manufacturer states that it will last between three and five years.

Ensure that the area where you will play, is free of debris such as nails and sharp rocks. Go here for more information and reviews.

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