Imaginext RC Transforming Batbot Xtreme Toy Review

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Imaginext rc transforming Batbot xtreme from Fisher Price is the perfect toy for children (and adults) who are into action heroes. Standing at 2 feet tall and inspired by Batman, this toy is packed with awesome features that will keep your kid busy and fighting evil as a pastime.

Imaginext RC Transforming Batbot Xtreme Review

For kids who are DC comic fans, this huge Batman toy will look familiar as it is built to resemble the suit that Jim Gordon wore for the ‘Superheavy’ story line of 2015-2016.

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It also ensures quality playtime for your child and friends with lots of adventures waiting to be unlocked, and new playing territories waiting to be explored.

The best part of the DC Batbot Extreme lies in its capabilities and the seemingly endless features that can be put into play.

Your kids imagination will be extended to a whole new level.

Compared to past models, this Batman toy brings more innovation and technology with it, making it more advanced and superior to any of the previous Batman toys.

Imaginext RC Transforming Batbot Extreme Toy Features

  • The Batbot Xtreme comes with a power pad that allows the launch of projectiles with the touch of a button.

  • The inbuilt power pad has the ability to transform into battle mode and launch wings which can extend up to 3 feet wide.

  • On each of the shoulders, there is a control panel that has the ability to launch the different projectiles available.

  • Another control panel on the left shoulder opens Batman’s chest to reveal a hidden elevator that leads to Batman’s headquarters.

  • In addition, each shoulder has the capability to launch projectiles independently.

  • To be able to send Batman into battle speedily, another button which is located on the toys left foot launches the Batcycle.

  • Triggers are also located on each shoulder and these come in handy when it comes to close quarter fights as the punches can be unleashed using this cool feature.

  • For more action packed playtime, kids can add their voices to the Batbot Xtreme with amazing results, courtesy of the voice changer
    which also comes with voice effects to make things a little more interesting for the kids. All this can be achieved while the battle continues.

  • There are 10 projectiles of various shapes and sizes in total that can be fired from the shoulder power pad, giving Batman variety and fun options to fight crime.


How Does It Work?

Batman Batbot

The Batbot Xtreme is operated from behind where all the control panels are located for the projectile launches, elevator play and Batcycle release.

Basically, this Batman toy was built to enable kids to have a peek of the action in front by having a view of the battlefield ahead from above the toys shoulders, while controlling the action at the same time.

That is why Imaginext made sure that the controls and power pads are located behind Batman.

To fire the different projectiles, your kid only has to press the buttons located on each shoulder, while the power pad on the left leg pops open to reveal the Batcycle.

The power pad on the left shoulder opens Batman’s chest, and this is where his headquarters are located complete with a hidden elevator which leads up to Batman’s control room.

The manufacturer has made a simple design that any child of the 3-8 year age bracket can easily understand, and play with the toy effectively.

Imaginext RC Transforming Batbot Video



Age Group?

This amazing toy is specifically built for kids who are between 3-8 years old. This is the age where imagination and development is at its finest while observation and curiosity are at their peak.

When added to the other range of Imaginenext Batman merchandise that includes vehicles, play sets and villain figures, the action will just get bigger and better.

What Makes Batbot Xtreme Fun?

A kids imagination is very wide and this Batman toy will definitely expand on it, giving your child new ideas and new ways of doing things.

There is also a possibility your child’s interest in the Batman character will be activated leading to a desire to read more about him in comic books and storybooks.

It also gives your child the opportunity to be in the team that fights evil, which apart from being fun, can boost your child’s self-confidence.


Bottom Line

Thanks to the fun and cool features that come with the Imaginext RC Transforming Batbot Xtreme, playtime for your kid will be taken to a whole new dimension and it will also keep your kid busy for hours on end.

This also means time off from mischief as there is so much to discover with this new crime fighting Batman Batbot toy. Click here to see more pictures.

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