Furreal Friends Roarin Tiger Tyler Review

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Furreal Friends Roarin Tiger Tyler is the most recent addition to the Hasbro’s line of Furreal Friends.

furreal friends tiger

He is a cute and adorable baby tiger, that is irresistible and playful in nature. Unboxing Tyler for the first time is undeniably satisfying and never disappoints with its ultra-soft fur coating, a ferocious mouth like a dragon and a pair of huge green eyes that blink suggestively.

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What is Hasbro’s Furreal Friends Roarin Tiger Tyler?

Tyler is no ordinary toy that just talks and makes all manner of funny sounds. He is very friendly and keen to please with his life like movements upon touching and roaring at him.

Having more than 100 sound and motion combinations he will respond with a broad range of emotions when he is touched on the back, muzzle, and head.

Thanks to the unrivaled sensors little Tyler responds to soft patting by opening and closing his adorable eyes, recursively flapping his ears back and forth and wagging his tail to show that he is having fun with you.

He will also move from a standing position to a crouch when he is particularly excited.

But what to love most is that when you roar or make a loud noise, he roars back like a real fully-grown wild tiger. With this quality attribute, kids will love him more and will find it even harder staying away from his intoxicating presence.

Because being subjected to solitude can be cruel and inhuman Tyler comes with his own yellow and squeaky toy that he recognizes and chews on when put in its mouth thanks for the sensors in his mouth. This allows kids to play tag and war games with him.

Furreal Friends Roarin Tiger Tyler is uniquely designed and loaded with tons of play tricks for those kids that never shy away from an opportunity to play but also for those intimate moments between a kid and his/her pet toy.

With posable back legs fitted, kids can adjust the legs and pull him close for a cuddle or hug, the sensor in his muzzle come in handy, and he can feel much alive in your arms. You can also adjust his legs so that he can lie down as he awaits play time.

How Tyler works


furreal roarin tyler
Furreal Roarin Tyler
Tyler is pretty easy to work with, and he is the plug and play kind of a toy. All that you need to get him started is a small Philips screw driver to open up his belly and 4 batteries.

1. Upon unboxing him, go directly for the belly and search with your fingers for an opening.

2. Using your screwdriver of choice unscrew the bolt to reveal a battery section for four batteries.

3. Push in the cells accordingly and make sure to bolt down the lid after you are finished.

4. Look for a switch and put it on.

With these simple and quick steps, Tyler will come to life with skills of a full grown wild cat, excited and eager to play with you.

From here it is much more exciting and you will quickly figure out what he likes most, from gentle pats on the back, head and muzzle and also funny sounds and noises that he will happily respond to.


Main Features

1. Tyler responds to sounds and noises with a load roar.

2. More than 100 sound and motion combination allows him a variety of emotional responses.

3. He responds to his squeaky play toy with a bite.

4. With sensors on the head, muzzle, back, and mouth he can deal with small pats on the back and head.

5. Poseable back legs making it easy to hug and snuggle.

6. Requires batteries. 41.5v C alkaline batteries.

Furreal Tiger Tyler
Tiger Tyler is ideal for boys & girls


Furreal Friends Roarin Tiger Tyler Final Thoughts

Ordinarily, Tyler might not be your first pick, but with all these undeniably good qualities, he is a perfect match for both boys and girls. He is most certainly welcome for wild jungle adventures, role playing and night time story telling and above all promises to be a life long companion with fond memories for your kid.

What is it not to love about Tyler when he is the ultimate definition of play and fun?

However, It is crucial to point out that he is only suitable for ages 4 and above due to some of his small parts that are a potential recipe for choking hazards. For more information about this cute tiger click here.

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